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On the front cover of Thomas Hobbes' 1651 book Leviathan a picture drawn by Abraham Bosse shows a king with a crown on his head, whose body consists of a mass of tiny people. Borrowing the shapes from the game pieces in the popular lawn game "kubb" the work can be read as a paraphrase of Bosses’ image turned on his head, with the crown at the bottom and the people on top.

The sculpture was made in 2023, during the occasion of Carl Gustav XVI's 50th anniversary on the throne and the celebration of Sweden as a 500-year-old nation through the crowning of Gustav Vasa, but it’s meaning can of course be interpreted beyond the scope of monarchy.

Special thanks to Anders Johansson and Jan Andersson

Installed in the exhibition Landet ingenstans at Ahlbergshallen, 2023.