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Common ground


Common ground is a project that empathizes sharing knowledge, perspectives and experiences through informal conversations, collective making and an exploration of alternative economy. Physically, the work consists of a large number of clay bowls that acts as serving vessels, a way to meet around the most basic needs of food and drinks.

From where the work takes place, clay is extracted from the ground. Participants are offered the opportunity to enter the role of producers by making a bowl of the clay that then becomes part of the work. In exchange, a previously finished bowls is offered in return for the labour. In this way, the participants also become co-producers of the work's physical parts, and gradually more fingerprints, clays and voices take place among the bowls, while the work gradually moves out of the realm of art and into people's homes and everyday lives.

The work functions as a way of creating space for listening and conversation without a predetermined agenda, where locally rooted problems can come to surface and where experiences, knowledge and perspectives can be shared between participants without necessarily reaching consensus. Taking place locally the project aims at an expansive and open approach to what constitutes a community, and to be a work that grows and take place over time, rather than immediately.

The project was started in my hometown during the exhibition Stubbräcer at Vara utställningshall in 2020 and has since then also taken place at the exhibition Det måste hända något snart at Folkets hus in Söderbärke, 2023.